I live on my own with my son and we use it at home after showering. We both love how comfortable it is and how it is so warm to stand on. No wet bath mat having to put in the washing machine regularly.

John / Facebook

When I walk my dog and get my boots all mucked up I use my DripMat to stand on beside my car to change my footwear. No more hopping on one foot or standing on a piece of cardboard I find in my boot. After a long walk with the dogs it is so soft to stand on so I tend to take my time putting my clean shoes on unless it is raining of course!

Kerry / Crossgar

I like how I can get dried and stand on the DripMat wearing my socks.I don’t have to dance from foot to foot while I struggle to put trousers on or my shoes/trainers.It is so much easier and less hassle.


We do a lot of hiking and I carry my Dripmat in my back pack. It is useful for sitting on. It keeps me dry plus soft to sit on if the ground is hard or uneven. If the ground is damp the non-absorbent qualities keeps me from getting wet.

Jane / Belfast

I bought 4 mats to use in my gym. They are working well and I am very pleased with them.

Flex Gym / Montgomery Road

I am a long distant lorry driver and I use a lot of public showering facilities and most of them are not so clean. My DripMat gives me the confidence to use the facilities and know I am not standing on the floor as I do not know how clean the floor really is.