Looking to find out more about the Dripmat? Please find answers to the most common asked questions below:

About the Dripmat

It is a Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam.
Resistant to bacteria, mould, mildew, rot, water, chemicals, grease, wear and tear.
Excellent heat insulator, low heat conduction.
Environmentally friendly with non-toxic properties.
Flexible and light weight.
Durable and highly resilient.
Extremely long lasting.
Easily cleaned with cold/hot water, soapy water or most detergents.
Comfortable to stand or sit on due to the thickness and softness of the mat.
Easily carried for many diverse uses.

What can the DripMat be used for:

Changing in any public facilities.
It is for standing on, kneeling on or sitting on.

Outdoor activities where you change by your car.
Walking your dogs.
By the pool.
Scrambling & Motocross.
Cross country cycling/running.
Out hiking.
For use in hostels when travelling.

Why Do I need a DripMat?

It is luxurious and comfortable to stand on rather than standing on a wet floor, towel or piece of cardboard.  The thermal properties also help the body to retain heat from the feet up.
Does It Slip?

It is not being sold as a non slip mat.  Always take care when stepping on and off the DripMat.

Is it easily cleaned?

Yes it can be rinsed with cold or hot/warm soapy water.  You can also use a detergent if you wish or an antibacterial solution.

Does it dry quickly?

Yes as the DripMat is water resistant you can shake it and let it dry off naturally or you can dry it with a towel or cloth.

Does it fold?

No it does not fold, but it is plyable.

Is it easily carried?

Yes, it comes complete with a colour co-ordinated breathable drawstring bag or it can fit into your own kit bag.